Compact Basic Granny Square in 2 Colours

  • Using first colour, chain 4 and join with slip stitch to make a ring
  • Chain 2, then 2 trebles into the ring and then chain 1
  • 3 trebles into ring and 1 chain (repeat to make 2 more clusters, so first row is 4 clusters with 1 chain between each)
  • Join with a slip stitch into top of first stitch
  • Turn and chain 2, 2 trebles into previous row chain space, chain 1, 3 trebles into same chain space, chain 1 (2 clusters with 1 chain between makes the corner)
  • 3 trebles, chain 1, 3 trebles into next chain space of previous row, repeat to end (8 clusters total)
  • Join with slip stitch. Finish off. Weave in ends. 
  • Turn and join second colour to middle of row (preferably not where you ended the last row)
  • Chain 2, 2 trebles into chain space of previous row (makes first cluster)
  • 3 trebles into next chain space, chain 1, 3 trebles into same chain space (makes a corner)
  • 3 trebles into next chain space
  • 3 trebles into next chain space, chain 1, 3 trebles into same chain space (makes 2nd corner)
  • 3 trebles into next chain space, etc
  • Repeat until row is complete (12 clusters)
  • Join with slip stitch. Finish off. Weave in ends. 

So the square starts with a ring. 

The next row is made of 4 clusters, the starting cluster of each row is always chain 2 and 2 trebles. Subsequent clusters are made of 3 trebles.

The next row will have ‘straight’ clusters and ‘corner’ clusters. A corner cluster has a chain stitch between. 

You can keep adding more rows until the square is the size you want and join many squares together to make a blanket, or make a blanket from one huge square. Just follow the pattern of making straight clusters (which increase in number with each row) and corner clusters. Turn your work with each row as this helps to keep it square. Weave in your ends as you go otherwise you will be left with a very tedious task at the end. 


Folksy Shop now open!

Exciting news: my Folksy Shop is now open. I will be adding lots of new things over the next weeks and months. 

If you would like to visit my shop, please click here.

The main focus of my shop will be crochet although I will be making my papercrafts available too. 

The first item for sale is my very popular flower bag charm. Available in a variety of colours and made to order. The charm could also be used as a keyring and comprises of a double sided flower with leaves.

The flowers can also be made as pins, added to hairbands or supplied without backing for use in appliqué etc.  

My unfinished wip has been frogged

When I first got back into crochet I was given a bag of wool. Most of it was quite ordinary, apart from that pictured above which really stood out from the crowd. 

I started my first big project. I was going to make a pen case for my promarkers. Then I started more and more projects and my original #wip (work in progress) was lost at the bottom. 

When I found it I didn’t know how to finish it. The original plan I had in my brain was long forgotten. I didn’t want to take it apart either. I thought unpicking it was a sin and only for items with mistakes to be corrected. My work was not a mistake. It travelled to the bottom of the pile again. So did the remainder of the ball of yarn (lost label).

More work followed. Yarn purchased. Value yarn. Plain yarn. Granny squares multiplied. Half finished blankets over knees. 

And then I joined an online crochet group. I discovered that unpicking is allowed. It’s called frogging. I shared the above picture with them together with a plea – what was this yarn called? Oh those clever people knew exactly what it was …. King Cole Splash ….

Oh so happy now! My unfinished wip has been frogged and I’ve bookmarked the yarn on several online stores and messaged my local yarn shop. Watch this space!

Corner to Corner Crochet

This week I discovered Corner to Corner or c2c crochet. It is a very simple but extremely effective technique, worked diagonally across instead of side to side. There is no need for a long foundation chain – you start with a chain of just 6 stitches.

My first attempt was just a small sampler made from cotton and will be my new dishcloth.


The pattern and texture this method creates is so much more interesting than some of my other projects.

I am going to use some variegated yarn and make something a bit bigger next time, so watch this space…

Tag trio with white faux stitching

The sentiment is from a stamp set which was free with a magazine, but I can’t remember which one. I cut it out with an X-Cut die and then coloured the outside of the shape with Peach Promarker but left the flower centre white.

The tags are Sizzix nesting dies – I bought them in error thinking the biggest size was the Tim Holtz tag but it wasn’t lol. I cut three tags from patterned paper and then three of the next size up from textured card. I stuck the patterned paper to the card tags with double-sided tape and then added washi tape and some faux stitches with a white marker (Pentel). I lined up the tags with a ruler and stuck them to the card blank with double-sided tape. I usually shy away from straight lines as I find it too fiddly to get things accurate. I added faux stitches to the sentiment as well. The sentiment is fixed with sticky pads so it is slightly raised.