More crochet flowers 

I’ve made these flowers with felt backs so that you can sew them onto cushions or bags etc. Or if fabric isn’t your thing, and you favour your glue gun, then you can stick them to picture frames or journal covers.

I’m offering them at £1.50 for a set of two. Other colours available on request.

Email craft dot owl at mail dot com.


2 thoughts on “More crochet flowers

    1. Thanks Hayley. I’ve had a blog for about five or six years. I started on blogger but it’s not a great phone app and I think WordPress is easier. Really liked the style of your blog though. I love networking and looking at other people’s blogs 😊
      How do you get new followers? I have a “follow by email” on my Blogspot but I don’t think you can see it on the mobile version.
      I’ll try to remember to give you a shout out when I next do an update. See you soon xxXxx


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