My unfinished wip has been frogged

When I first got back into crochet I was given a bag of wool. Most of it was quite ordinary, apart from that pictured above which really stood out from the crowd. 

I started my first big project. I was going to make a pen case for my promarkers. Then I started more and more projects and my original #wip (work in progress) was lost at the bottom. 

When I found it I didn’t know how to finish it. The original plan I had in my brain was long forgotten. I didn’t want to take it apart either. I thought unpicking it was a sin and only for items with mistakes to be corrected. My work was not a mistake. It travelled to the bottom of the pile again. So did the remainder of the ball of yarn (lost label).

More work followed. Yarn purchased. Value yarn. Plain yarn. Granny squares multiplied. Half finished blankets over knees. 

And then I joined an online crochet group. I discovered that unpicking is allowed. It’s called frogging. I shared the above picture with them together with a plea – what was this yarn called? Oh those clever people knew exactly what it was …. King Cole Splash ….

Oh so happy now! My unfinished wip has been frogged and I’ve bookmarked the yarn on several online stores and messaged my local yarn shop. Watch this space!


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