January Challenge

January Challenge – Love

The theme for the January 2019 Craft Challenge is …


It’s the perfect prompt for Valentine’s Day!

How to join in

Write a “love” themed blog post.

Include a link to this post and/or leave a comment below to say you’re taking part.

You can also join in on the challenges board on Pinterest, send me a tweet, or tag me on Instagram.

January Challenge
Craft Owl Blog January Challenge

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Make it Monday – Magnolia Tilda watercoloured with Inktense

yellow lilac pouch sewing accessories

Make it Monday – Felt Bowl

In the earlier part of 2018, I was playing around with felt and I created this applique pouch which converts to a bowl. I rediscovered it when I had to go through all my Flickr albums and wanted to share it here on my blog so that it isn’t lost forever!


Yellow Heart

Yellow Heart Craft Owl Challenge Love

I’m kicking off the Love Challenge with this yellow die cut heart. It’s part of a nesting set I got for Christmas. Isn’t it cute?

At the moment I don’t know exactly how it will feature in any projects, although I think lots of them strung together would make some amazing bunting.


Make it Monday – crochet blanket

Crochet Blanket

If you follow my Instagram then you will have seen this already.

I have started a new blanket, and I think the colours remind me of the seaside. That gave me the idea of asking my readers to tell me about their favourite seaside town.

My favourite is Whitstable in Kent. What’s yours?

The finished blanket will be named after one of the suggested places. I will say that one name given to me via Instagram really does stand out already, but I’ve not completely made my mind up yet.

Christmas Guest Post by Polly Plaits

Crafty Wrapping – A Mitten Make

Thanks to Marie for allowing me to spread my crafty wings and share one of my attempts at ‘making things’ – as my children generously call it!  – with the Craft Owl readers.  We would love to see your take on this craft, so please tag us ( Polly & Craft Owl Makes ) on Instagram using #MittenMake so we can have a look at the results.

A number of days ago I alluded to an exciting gift-wrapping experiment I was going to try out in my post, that was about – funnily enough – gift-wrapping over on my blog: Polly’s Pad. This year I have attempted to wrap my own children’s presents in fabric and tissue without tape to make the whole recycling aftermath of gift opening a bit easier, and more enviroThis picture gave me an idea how to wrap some of Christmas presents this year. Wrap in brown paper and sew through!nmentally sound.  Unfortunately, I have not been as considerate of my poor friend Rin, who will be the recipient of this Frankenstein work I have created!

I originally got the idea from Pinterest, and it seemed simple enough. I would use brown paper – that I already had – and I would cut and then sew around some Christmas shapes; fifteen minute job at most, right?  Sigh! I cut the required shapes slightly larger than – I believed – they needed to be. What I had failed to take into account was that the brown paper came from a roll and, as such, had no intention of lying flat and letting me sew it. With such unco-operative paper I had no choice but to have the shapes weighted down with place mats on my table and I leave them for a few days.

On my return the shapes – mittens – were now flat, so I proceeded to place the presents in the middle.  The poor _20181222_183118bear was hog-tied with hairbands to keep his hands and feet inside the parcel.  In the end I sat him inside the reindeer hat, to further condense him. I also added the book and chocolate coins (all will become clear regarding the seemingly random gifts!)   It looked like it would be easier to initially stick down the shapes before sewing over the tape.  Previous attempts to see which stitch would work best had proved inconclusive, in the sense that both running stitch and blanket stitch resulted in very ripped paper.  I thought the sewing through sticky DSC_0976tape would mitigate this; much like the trick where you can put a pin in a balloon without popping it if you have a secret piece of tape stuck to the point where you stick the pin, I thought the sticky tape would stop the paper ripping… and then I realised just how big I had made the mitten!

DSC_0978In terms of sustainability this is not a good craft to choose if you are going down the tape route rather than sewing it! I am pretty sure I used a metric ton of tape, as I went around the entire mitten twice to cover potential gaps and tears. At this stage, sewing was completely off the cards – I kept up with the tape use, finally taping on a felt ‘H’ for Harmony, some green holly leaves, a few berries and some white rick-rack to connect the mitten to its pair…did I mention Rin had twins?  I had to repeat the entire process again, taping a felt ‘S’ for Summer onto the second one.  I thought the whole think looked quite cute, albeit very homemade.  I then wrote each of the girls a card out, explaining the four gifts.


In our house, there are four major present groups.  While I changed one out to accommodate the fact that Rin’s girls are only three, (I swapped ‘want’ for ‘cuddle’) the rhyme was still fairly similar to the one I have been using for my own children for a number of years:

  • Something to wear
  • Something to eat
  • Something to cuddle and
  • Something to read

I will be dropping it around to the girl’s just before Christmas, and I will be interested in both their reaction and how they will go about opening them; Personally, I would probably tear along the cuff.   Remember if you have a go at this and upload to Instagram, to let us know using #MittenMakes  – but don’t limit yourself to Christmas presents, any occasion is suitable for monstrously oversized mittens!  In fact, don’t limit yourself to mittens either! You could try other shapes. Let your crafty mind run wild!

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Please go and say hello!

Bear with thank you letter

Thank You Card

I am sharing a Thank You card from my archives to encourage entries into my December Challenge on this blog.

Bear holding thank you letter

The bear is a digital stamp which I printed out from the computer and coloured with Promarkers. I used the colourless blender pen to give a mottled look to the fur. I used sticky fixers to stick the bear on to the die cut doily. The thank you was also printed from my computer and I used a ticket shaped die cut to cut it out. The postcard was from my stash – I can’t remember where I got it from.

I no longer have a printer, and I do miss being able to use digi-stamps. I didn’t think I would, but they are very versatile because you can resize them or print them on other paper. They are space saving too, being stored on the computer rather than taking up physical space.

I hope you like this card and please do join in with the challenge.


~ C R A F T ~ O W L ~

crochet blanket

Make it Monday | I finished a blanket

I will start with a confession:

I have many unfinished blankets languishing in my home. Some of them still look like balls of yarn 😉 and some of them are a beautiful mish mash of granny squares just big enough for a cushion cover or maybe a cat blanket.

However, last month I decided to start “stash busting” and make a themed blanket to hide the sofa. I have the most comfortable sofa ever. It wasn’t new when we got it, and it is quite orange, and it doesn’t fit in with our new décor in any shape or form, but it is here to stay. I gathered all my yarn that was more or less within the pink spectrum (to match our new wallpaper) and began making plain granny squares. 

The first thing that happened was that I got bored, and therefore the second thing that happened was I needed to buy more yarn! The blanket isn’t truly a stash buster then, because I still have yarn in my stash, and now I have new yarn in my stash too – whoops!

crochet blanket

I was very disciplined about sewing in my ends. What happens is this; every time you change colour you end up with two tails of yarn, and they have to be woven back in to the blanket, so that it doesn’t all fall apart. It is one of the reasons why handmade isn’t cheap – there are lots of hours go into one of these blankets, plus the cost of the yarn. Certainly, sewing in the ends as I went along spurred me on with my creation, and I completed it in record time.

I tried out some new techniques in this blanket too – a bit like Victorian ladies and their embroidery samplers – and it will be a reference for me for future projects.

The big reveal

… and another confession …

I wanted to replicate my friend Lav’s whimsical photo she used on her giveaway post – like this:

I think I can safely say that I failed haha … hello double chin for a start! But, without further ado, here I am modelling my creation:

Next week is CHRISTMAS EVE and I will not be posting a Make it Monday, but I still have some things up my sleeve so don’t go away!

~ C R A F T ~ O W L ~

Thank You (a reminder)

Just a reminder that you can join in with my challenges on Pinterest too!

Make it Monday

These handmade tags could be used to label presents, or they could be used as card toppers, or even as an alternative to sending a card.

I cut the tags from patterned cardstock. The images have been rubber-stamped then coloured with Promarkers.

Which is your favourite?